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I am Josephine and I’m a Living Thing

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We are reading



Living things Grow, Reproduce, Move, Need Energy and are Sensitive

Living vs. Non Living Interactive Game

Animal Classification


Curling with Sphero

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Gr 7s enjoyed playing curling with the sphero. They had to shake the sphero, aim it and then let it go. Then they needed to iterate their shakes. Too many shakes and it’ll go past the house, too little and it’ll stop too soon!

Whole School Olympic STEM Challenge

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Students were given 5 pipecleaners, one life saver candy and a pair of scissors.

Mission: use the material provided to make a speed skater….and then you’ve got to make the skater stand on its own.

We made it stand!

But…the speed skater has 4 legs…? Keep trying. Back to the drawing board kids!

These grade 7s gave their athlete a name, Stephanie! Go Stephanie Go for gold!

3A1C25D2-6E0D-4518-85B3-EB4199E4F764Kindergarten…still working on making it stand!  But, not giving up!


It’s standing…sitting…





Among a Thousand Fireflies- Another Narrative Non-fiction Surrey Schools Book of the Year

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By: Helen Frost    Photographs by: Rick Leider


We are linking art to the book by creating chalk silhouettes of fireflies.A8776EC8-E008-4943-ACC4-65D6F2417171.jpegAD583055-34D1-46C0-B680-AC73053057C0.jpeg

Global School Play Day!

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1A2F3912-8130-445D-BCC1-C00DB3AD8BFC  Grade 7s CAN play without using technology!


Caught these Gr.7 girls playing Twister on the library carpet during book exchange….they were totally caught off guard with my camera!  Bwhahahahaha!



Grade 7s reading to a Grade 3 buddy under a rainbow tarp!  How fun!

Gr. 5,6 and 7s and Tech

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Gr 5-7 students enjoyed a day packed with hands on learning of technology brought in by Geek Squad/Best Buy!

We learned how to 3D print, be caring and smart digital citizens, program robots and digitally make music with Garage Band software.

Digital Citizenship:


Digital Music/ Garage Band:

We are Trying to Love Giant Squid

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We are reading the Surrey Schools Narrative Non-fiction Books of the Year.  We used diagrams and labels to show what we learned about the giant squid and we were inspired by the book, I am Trying to Love Spiders by B. Barton.  So, we combined the two books and here’s what we came up with.

(Examples from Div 9-Ms. Liu and 11- Ms. Sahota/Richardson)