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Global School Play Day!

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1A2F3912-8130-445D-BCC1-C00DB3AD8BFC  Grade 7s CAN play without using technology!


Caught these Gr.7 girls playing Twister on the library carpet during book exchange….they were totally caught off guard with my camera!  Bwhahahahaha!



Grade 7s reading to a Grade 3 buddy under a rainbow tarp!  How fun!


Gr. 5,6 and 7s and Tech

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Gr 5-7 students enjoyed a day packed with hands on learning of technology brought in by Geek Squad/Best Buy!

We learned how to 3D print, be caring and smart digital citizens, program robots and digitally make music with Garage Band software.

Digital Citizenship:


Digital Music/ Garage Band:

We are Trying to Love Giant Squid

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We are reading the Surrey Schools Narrative Non-fiction Books of the Year.  We used diagrams and labels to show what we learned about the giant squid and we were inspired by the book, I am Trying to Love Spiders by B. Barton.  So, we combined the two books and here’s what we came up with.

(Examples from Div 9-Ms. Liu and 11- Ms. Sahota/Richardson)

Giant Squid by Candace Fleming

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We have started reading our Surrey Schools’ Non-fiction Picture Book nominees.  We’re starting off with Giant Squid.  Here’s some rare footage:

Surrey Schools Narrative Non-fiction Picture Book Nominees

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Okay, so we’ve read and voted on our favourite fiction picture book of the year…now onto the non-fiction picture books!

BTW, at Cougar Creek, student’s top pick was Faraway Fox by Jolene Thompson.


Tins for Teachers-Our School Community is Generous

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We collected over 20 boxes of food for the Surrey Food Bank!  Well done parents, students and staff!  Also a big thank you to Ms. Johnson for organizing the food drive!