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Nightsong by Ari Berk

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We have been reading the Surrey Schools’ Picture Books of the year nominees.  A few weeks ago, we read Nightsong by Ari Berk.  The story focuses on how a young bat learns to use it’s sense of hearing to ‘see’ in the dark.  We learned that bats use echolocation to find their prey and to navigate through the night. Due to popular demand, I’m posting the song Echolocation.  Have a listen!

Echolocation song

Here’s Ari Berk’s web site as well:

Link for Ari Berk’s web site.

Global Read Aloud

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gra_512Ms. Nakagawa and Ms. Hocking’s Gr.2/3 class have been visiting the school library every Tuesday.  Together, we are participating in the Global Read Aloud for Kate Messner’s book Marty McGuire.

We have had a lot of fun connecting outside our school community.  For this read aloud, we have been connecting with Mr. Lali’s school at W.F. Davidson Elementary.  Together we have participated in Skyping, writing on a shared Google Document and sharing videos of skits we made for one another.  To learn more about the Global Read Aloud, follow this link:


All of our activities have focused on the book Marty McGuire.  We were also able to connect with author Kate Messner and we were excited to hear her respond to some of our questions.

Here’s a link to author Kate Messner’s Question and Answer video:


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Robert Munsch
Robert Munsch

We’ve been reading stories by Robert Munsch.  Robert Munsch is a fabulous Canadian author with very unique and fun to read stories.  Many of his stories include onomatopoeia.  Onomatopoeia are words that imitate sounds.  For example: ring, woof, whoosh, ahhh.

Students had a lot of fun discussing onomatopoeia sounds.  We also saw some Youtube clips to help us better understand onomatopoeia.  We then drew onomatopoeias.

Here are some of our illustrations from Div 13- Gr.1:

Here are some of our illustrations from Div 10-Gr.2/3:

Here are some of our illustrations from Div 15-K/1:

Here are some of our illustrations from Div 12-Gr.2:

Here are the links from Youtube:

Here’s Robert Munsch’s web site:


Thank you students and parents. Our library has a new carpet!

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Thank you students and parents.  Our library has a new carpet!

Thank you for supporting the Scholastic Book Fair in September. With the commission we made from the sales, our library was able to purchase a new carpet! Students are very excited with this new addition!

Library Shelving Game

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Library Shelving Game

This game will help you find books in the library! Have fun!