Explorer’s Unit- Social Studies- Gr. 4

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We used Ozobots to map the route early explorers had followed. Students are also learning how to program the Ozobot robot through codes.


Summer Reading Club 2018

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During the summer holidays, we hope you continue to read.  Please, visit your local public library.  Pick up a good book or participate in some of their fun activities.

Also, a reminder that the last day for book exchange will be Friday, June 8th.  We are hoping all library books will be returned by Friday, June 15th.  Thank you.

STEM Challenge

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Students we’re given another design challenge:

As engineers, they have been hired to create the tallest free standing structure with the supplies they have been given….15 pipe cleaners!


Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox by Danielle Daniel

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Here’s a youtube version of the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8TgzzX9ZhI

Which totem animal do you identify with?  Watch this video to learn what a totem animal is and then reflect on which totem animal best identifies you.



STEM Challenge

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We read Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beatty.

Rosie has an idea and she quietly tinkers away at her them. Discouraged at her prototypes, Rosie gives up. Until she meets her Great Aunt Rose who inspires Rosie to continue and to never give up.

In our library, we were given some design challenges. We followed the design cycle process and tinkered away at the challenges…. take a look!

Rocket Straw Design Challenge:

Cup Tower Challenge:

The Design Cycle:


The Secret Subway

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“Sometimes it just takes one idea….to get things rolling.”

A true story of how the famous NY subway came to be.


Book Trailer


New York was and is a large area to travel.  The subway makes it more efficient (easier and faster) for people to get from one place to another.  On the subway, you don’t have to get through traffic on the roads and it’s better for the environment.


What transportation did people use in the 1870s?


The old subway station being built.


Your city has a skytrain.  Is it as old as New York’s subway?  When was the skytrain system made?

Follow the Moon Home

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This is a great book for inspiring and empowering young minds to bring together a whole community and bring about positive change.


Book Trailer

Youtube: Sea turtles and light

Protecting sea turtles