Family Literacy Day

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We will be celebrating Family Literacy Day on Friday, January 25th between recess and lunch.  Let’s make it fun!  Wear your pajamas, bring a stuffy and your favourite book.



Learning to Code

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The Gr. 1 and 2s are learning to code in the library by using the app Kodable.

Students are programmers who are telling the computer what to do.


Program– A sequence of instructions written in code for a computer to follow.

Programmer– a person who writes in code and tells a computer what to do.  They make the software, websites, games and apps we use.

Algorithm– a sequence of steps that make sense and that a computer can follow to finish a task.

Bugs– mistakes made in the computer code.

Debugging– finding and fixing the error in the computer code so that the computer can run properly.

Ms. Anderson’s Class- Storytelling and Robotics

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Ms. Anderson’s Grade 1 class retold the story of There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow with the use of an Ozobot.

The Water Princess by Susan Verde

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Surrey Schools Picture Book of the Year nominee: The Water Princess


After the Fall

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Art inspired by a Surrey Book of the Year nominee, After the Fall by Dan Santat