Library Policies and Procedures



The purpose of this blog is to provide information and resources for students and parents.  It is run by Mrs. McDonough, the school’s Teacher-Librarian.  Here you can regularly view posts related to information about library events, what we are learning in the library, new books that have arrived in our library, and photos of the fun things we are learning in our library.

Please, be aware that all comments are subject to moderation so ensure that they are positive.  For Internet safety reasons, please do not use students’ last names.  Thank you.

Open Book Exchange:

Our library is open from Tuesday to Friday.  Students are welcome to come exchange their books during open book exchange.  The library holds open book exchanges from 12:30-1:00 Tuesday to Friday. In addition, all students have a scheduled opportunity to visit the library once per week with their classes.


Checkout Limits:

In order to ensure that students have access to a wide variety of resources in our library, students are limited to signing out 2 books in total for Grades 1-7 and our Kindergarteners are limited to 1 book.  Students are encouraged to exchange their books several times throughout the week during open book exchange. Remember, signing up for a library card at your local public library is encouraged as the public library’s collection is considerably larger than that of our school’s library and thus more resources are available.

Here’s a link to the Surrey Public Library’s web site:

Overdue Books and Fines:

Students may borrow a library resource for a period of two weeks.  They may renew the item if they are not through with it.  However, if a book is on hold by another patron, they must return it to the library.
If a student has lost or damaged a library resource, a replacement fee will be charged.  In order to avoid a fee for lost books, the library will send home a notification indicating the title of the book.


Book Care:

At the start of each school year, before books are distributed to students, we review book care.  Students learn how to take care of books.  For example, keep them away from young siblings, keep them away from liquids, store them separately from your public library books etc.  Further, students are encouraged to place their books inside a plastic bag  whilst the books are in their backpacks.  This will prevent books from becoming water damaged.

Here’s a great video on book care:

When is my Classroom Library Day? TBD

Monday: Library Learning Commons is closed

Tuesday: Div 6, 7, 8 & 17

Wednesday: Div 11, 13 & 18

Thursday: Div 12, 14 & 16

Friday: Div 9, 10 & 15

All students are welcome to visit the library for book exchange from 12:30-1 Tuesday to Friday.


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