We have new Mr and Little Miss books!

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We have a very exciting announcement…our library now has even more Mr. and Little Miss books. These books are very popular in our library.  They’re super fun to read.  Did you know, the author, Roger Hargreaves, wrote his first book Mr. Tickle for his son? 

In our library, we read Little Miss Naughty with some of the Kindergarteners.  Little Miss Naughty needs to be taught a lesson because she’s always doing naughty tricks on people.  So, one day the community recruits Mr. Impossible to help.  Mr. Impossible becomes invisible and tweaks Miss Naughty’s nose every time she’s about to do something naughty. The students  loved the book and we were introduced to several of Roger Hargreaves characters like, Miss Naughty, Mr. Uppity, and Mr. Nosey.  We were also introduced to Mr. Impossible but we never saw an illustration of Mr. Impossible.  So…we got our imaginations going and thought up what he might look like.  Take a look below.

impossible     mrI impos